Campbell Shirt

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Made from a high quality 100% cotton fabric that is soft + comfortable out of the box and just keeps getting better with wear. 

Gender neutral design + color for both girls & boys

Features a Mandarin collar and button closure sleeves


Machine Wash + Tumble Dry


Cotton is well known for it's ability to breathe while keeping the body nice and warm. Our cottons are snuggly, soft and perfect for childhood. 


Fits true to size with a little room for growth. Our sizes fit best at the height of our size range. Check our size chart for exact measurements.

Our Campbell Shirt is sized to be machine washed and tumbled dry. It will arrive bigger than expected but once it has been through a machine wash and dry cycle, it will fit as intended. 

Model is 43 inches tall & 41 lbs wearing a size 4/5 (which is a size range of 41-46 inches tall and 33-44 lbs)