Our Best Tips for Curating a Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Capsule Wardrobes are great in theory...but implementing one, especially for constantly growing and messy kids can be a daunting task. 

Don't fret! Capsule Wardrobes are meant to make your life easier...NOT more stressful. We've gathered our 3 best tips for curating a capsule wardrobe that doesn't stress you out! 

1. Quality over Quantity

Clothes that are made better, wear better. They last longer and resist stains. They hold up to active childhood and make laundry SO much easier. If we could give you one tip, this would be it! BUY HIGH QUALITY! 

2. Color Strategy

A lot of people think that Capsule Wardrobes mean you can't have color. NOT TRUE! We love a good pattern and bright color and your capsule wardrobes can definitely have color! We suggest being strategic with your colors though. Here's our personal color strategy: 

What We Keep Neutral: 

- pants

- leggings

- jackets/coats 

- shoes

- undershirts or layering pieces

Where we play with color: 

- dresses

- blouses 

- accessories

By always keeping our pants neutral, every colorful blouse we own goes with every neutral pant we own! 

3. Buy what you need when you need it

There are sooo many items that can transition from season to season (may we suggest...BLOOMERS! ROMPERS! DUNGAREES! DRESSES!). Don't buy a new wardrobe every season. Look at what you already own, evaluate what you can keep wearing, and purchase only what you need. This will allow you to have a budget to buy the quality pieces...and also have a full wardrobe. Win, Win! 

Need some new versatile pieces? Check out our S/S 2019 collection. Designed to mix and match and make your life easier! 

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