Mushroom : A DIY Halloween Costume

Here's a sweet and simple woodland inspired Halloween costume to wear with your Vera Dress and Ecru tights. It looks impressive but is actually pretty simple to make. 

Mushroom Hat Halloween Costume

Here's what you will need: 

- The Vera Dress in Oat

- Tights in Ecru 

- Umbrella hat

- Kraft wrapping paper 

- Cream tissue paper 

- Red and White craft paint 

How to make the mushroom hat: 

1. Unroll the kraft wrapping paper and set the umbrella hat on top. Trace a circle around the umbrella hat that is about 5" wider than the umbrella hat. Cut out the kraft paper circle. 

2. Gently wrap the kraft paper circle over the umbrella hat and roll the edges under the umbrella hat. Use a hot glue gun to secure the kraft paper to the hat.

3. Paint the kraft paper with red craft paint. Let dry. Paint white spots over the red craft paint. 

4. Fold the cream tissue paper like an accordion. Stretch out the tissue paper and use hot glue to secure to the inside of the umbrella hat. Glue one edge of the tissue paper to the inside edge of the umbrella hat. Glue the other edge to the elastic band of the umbrella hat. Work in a circle until the entire underlining of the umbrella hat is covered with tissue paper.

Mushroom Halloween Costume for kids

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This is the best idea! Darling costume.

karen December 12, 2018

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