Fawn: A DIY Halloween Costume

Fawn Costume

This is THE EASIEST costume you'll ever make...and pretty sweet too. 

We love the idea of using beautiful pieces you've already had your eye on as the base for a Halloween costume. It's a simple and practical way to get the most use out of your Ira Loves Mae dresses. 

Fawn DIY Costume

Here's what you'll need: 

- The Louisa Dress in Rust

- Tights in Cranberry

- Twigs or Sticks 

- 4"x4" squares of paper (we used kraft paper) 

- Red kraft paint 

Here's how to make the costume: 

1.Gather some twigs or sticks from your backyard

2. Paint two 4"x4" squares of craft paper with red paint on both sides. 

3. Once the paint dries, place the square so it looks like a diamond. Curl in the left and right edges and glue into place. Trim the ear to give it a little more shape. 

4. Braid your daughters hair. Weave the twigs or sticks into the braids. 

5. Secure the ears with bobby pins. 

6. Complete the look with The Louisa Dress in Rust and Tights in Cranberry 

Kids Fawn Costume

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